Green Building Task Force


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Note: This task force is no longer active. Documents and information contained on this page should be viewed as archival in nature.

Overview & Charge

The Green Building Task Force is charged to investigate and evaluate the latest "green building" policies, procedures and ordinances, and to recommend their application to regional development.

Specific Tasks

  • Better understand the current city and county development processes and current level of "green building" knowledge of staff.
  • Analyze the city's and the county's permit processes pertaining to green building techniques, recommend any modifications to these processes to better accommodate "green building" projects, and recommend whether "green building" projects should receive higher priority than other projects in the queue.
  • Research and recommend "green building" guidelines/standards and codes to be used in the city and county among the competing standards / certification (e.g., LEED, Green Globes, NAHB, etc). Research should include, but not be limited to, Springfield's benchmark cities and Greene County's benchmark counties.
  • Analyze the potential impact of pending / proposed federal / state construction regulations on green building projects (and other construction projects).
  • Research costs / benefits of "green building" and recommend a formula or criteria to help determine when "green building" techniques are cost appropriate. The task force should help develop or recommend an existing baseline model or formula that allows developers to measure the impact of green building techniques, including, but not limited to, energy use, water use, facility destruction, facility construction, site issues, and waste going to the landfill.
  • Recommend whether the city and county should provide any type of incentive (monetary or otherwise) to encourage / accelerate consideration to development of green building projects within our community and, if so, how these incentives should be funded / provided.
  • Develop a community education campaign targeted at both the development community and consumers that will raise the awareness of the economics of green building practices.


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