Building & Zoning

  1. Zoning Ordinance

  2. Building Development Services

    The Department of Building Development Services implements and monitors a variety of city, state, and federal codes, and four trades (electrical, plumbing, gas and mechanical).

  3. Check Permit Status

    Check permit status and activities.

  4. Confirm Your Contractors License

    Make sure that your contractors licence is up to date and current.

  5. Development & Zoning Process

    Learn about how the City of Springfield plans future development and zoning.

  6. Limited Not-for-Profit Corporations

    View resources that help businesses develop in Springfield.

  7. Planning & Development

    The Department of Planning and Development provides services related to the physical development of the community. We work with citizens and other departments to plan orderly growth in our community.

  8. Planning & Zoning Commission

    Find contact information for the City of Springfield Planning and Zoning Commission.

  9. Sign Regulations

    Make sure that your signs are up to the latest Springfield laws and codes.

  10. Specialty Permits

    Find out if your business will need a specialty permit.

  11. Zoning, Rezoning, & Development

    View more zoning and, rezoning, and redevelopment information.