Health Risk Assessments


Defining Health Risk Assessment

An HRA, or a Health Risk Assessment, is a tool that looks at a person's behaviors and health history in order to determine individual health. The tool evaluates not only specific measurements, but also measures health habits that can include:
  • Attitudes
  • Emotional Health
  • Environmental Safety
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Habits
  • Responsibilities
  • Social Support
  • Spirituality
  • Stress
HRAs are personal and confidential, and because they contain personal health information, they are subject to the HIPAA Privacy laws. Participation in a HRA is completely voluntary and is not required of any employee.

2 Part Assessment

The HRA will consist of 2 parts. A short questionnaire on the day of your HRA and a physical screening which will include the following:
  • Lipid panel (including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and glucose)
  • Blood Pressure and pulse
  • Weight and Height
  • Body Composition analysis
  • Click Here for a list of additional labs offered on the day of your HRA

Importance of Health Risk Assessment

An HRA can increase a person's knowledge of their own health and provide them with a baseline of information to make informed decisions regarding their health. They are a benefit to City of Springfield employees as they are offered free of charge to the employee, which saves costs incurred by visiting a physician for the same services. For this year only, Mercy is also offering free HRAs to spouses who are on the City's insurance. Additionally, the HRA will provide a snapshot of individual health information along with resources and tools to create a personal health plan.

We are proud to offer this great benefit to our employees. Keep an eye out for other great programs and services provided by inBalance in the future. Look for announcements on this website, by email, and on flyers posted in your department about monthly programs, classes, special topic presentations and other opportunities. Remember to always strive to stay inBalance!