Emily Hegg

Power of Music
Emily Hegg's dad told her something she will always remember. He told her that without love, there would be no music. "What else would artists write about?" he asked.

"I grew up in a house of great music appreciation. My father especially has taught me all I know about music and is the real reason why music is so engrained into my life. Ever since I was little I can remember how music played a part into our daily lives," she said.

The power of music to both energize and heal, has affected Emily in ways that even she doesn't fully understand. Growing up the oldest of 3 in Grand Forks, ND, she and her brother and sister would dance every night before bed, to Stevie Ray Vaughan or The California Raisins until they wore themselves out. "That was probably my parents' strategy in the first place!" she acknowledges.

"I feel that listening to music keeps me inBalance because it can ground me but also, take me places! Hearing a certain song takes you back to a past memory, make you think of a loved one, or remind you of your first dance. One of my favorite things is to sit down, put on some headphones, and scroll through my playlists looking for those songs that are tied to certain events and memories in my life."

Emily joined Springfield Greene County Health Department less than a year ago as a health education specialist. She and her husband moved to Springfield 2.5 years ago so that she could complete her Masters in Health Promotion and Wellness Management at Missouri State University.

Being in the working world now has been a challenging time, she says, as she is now learning how to apply her knowledge learned. "There are some days when I leave work feeling entirely defeated. These are the times when I pull out my ‘feel good' song list on my iPod! I always feel better after I listen to songs with a positive message, it never fails."

When stressed or feeling particularly laid back, she listens to a more soothing sound such as the Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, and Eric Clapton. When at the gym working out, it's Rage Against the Machine, Rob Zombie, and Korn. "My style preference changes along with my mood."