Bill Ingemi

Passion for Health & Wellness
Bill Ingemi's passion for health and wellness came from caring for athletes and helping them reach their full potential. He took a job with the Springfield-Greene County Park Board after managing the sports medicine operation at Mercy Hospital for 13 years. Bill is now a Health and Wellness Supervisor at Parks, focusing on fitness operations at Chesterfield and Doling Family Centers.

"The rewards are immense, in that I am in a position to help people on a daily basis," Bill said. "From exercise recommendations to injury assessment and nutritional advice, I can influence people in many life-changing areas."

Bill understands the struggles people have with getting and staying healthy. The key, he explains, is staying positive and realistic.

"I always struggled with my weight and knew that there must be a better way than exercising like a mad-man and eating 'healthy,'" he said. "Then I discovered, through education and investigation, that eating 'healthy' was a crock, and I learned of the benefits of nourishment and smart activity."

Bill and his wife of 24 years, Jennifer, have 4 children: 3 girls ages 15, 13 and 11, and a boy, 7. They embrace the nutritional aspect of health and benefit from Jennifer's passion for gardening.

"She is the REAL nutrition guru in our family," he observed. "Being knowledgeable about aspects of health is very much a part of our family's wiring. We have frequent discussions about making good choices, and how those choices affect your health and well-being. We are by no means perfect, but our perspective is centered on how things affect our health."

On weekends, the family likes to play sports or hit the greenway trails. "We purposely live very close to the Galloway Creek trailhead. We play, cook for the week ahead, and yes, do some resting. Juggling all those things which are important to us brings a nice balance to the weekend."

Bill's best advice for people trying to find balance is to ignore what everyone else is doing and focus on activities for which you have a passion or simply enjoy doing.

"Instead of exercise, think activity and movement. Instead of diet, think nutrition. Instead of calorie, think fuel. And instead of medicating, think healing. When it comes to health and wellness, the 'same old thing' is just not cutting it any more. Respect yourself, acquire knowledge and take pride in taking care of the wonderful body you've been given."