City Council Priorities 

  • Public safety
  • Economic vitality
  • Fiscal sustainability
  • Legislative engagement

Legislative Priorities

Retain Local Control

In general, the City of Springfield opposes legislation that would reduce or remove local authority. 

Avoid Unfunded Mandates

 In general, the City of Springfield opposes any bill that would result in a new net cost to the City of Springfield and/or its citizens.

Promote Public Safety

Includes support for public safety funding, statewide scrap metal reporting, seat belt requirements, public health funding, immunization funding, and the establishment of a national Public Health Emergency Fund.

Promote Economic Vitality

Includes support for strengthening Springfield’s ability to compete for jobs, support for education and workforce development, protection of our natural environment, support for transportation, affordable housing, downtown revitalization, tourism funding, and broadband access and digital literacy for all citizens.

Promote Fiscal Sustainability

Includes support for meaningful ethics reform, a statewide tobacco tax, support of water quality pollutant trading, and Medicaid transformation.