Protecting the Natural Environment

Protect our Air and Water Resources

Promote the efficient use of energy, seek alternate energy sources, and promote local food protection.

Protect our Air and Water Resources

The City of Springfield opposes cuts to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ budget that will result in unfunded environmental mandates and cost shifting to cities and counties. The City requests that economic feasibility and affordability be considered and addressed in the enforcement of all unfunded environmental mandates. The City supports efforts to develop/assure a long-term regional water supply and infrastructure.

Yard Waste in Landfills

The City of Springfield strongly opposes any effort to allow disposal of yard waste into sanitary landfills. The City has invested heavily in yard waste recycling to keep this type of waste separate from our sanitary landfill, which should be used only to store waste for which there is no re-use or ability to be recycled.