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Become a CAmP Participant

We all work within a large, complex, and exciting organization. There is more happening at the city every day than any of us can fathom. What if you were given an opportunity to learn more about what happens here and see how all of the parts of city government fit together? What if you were given an opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people - people you probably see on the sidewalk or in the hallways now, but don't know? Would you take advantage of that opportunity?

While the program has been designed and will be coordinated by the City Manager’s Office, departments and individuals from throughout the city are participating in the delivery of the curriculum to ensure participants receive a 360-degree view of the city and the services local government provides. As you learn more about your city government, your appreciation for what it does, how things happen, and how you contribute toward its mission will grow. Graduates will truly become "ambassadors" for the city.

Applications for the 2019-2020 class are now closed.  


The curriculum of the CAmP Program consists of two types of sessions that are intermingled throughout the program year.

The first type introduces the class members to areas of the city they may not to get to see and learn about during their daily work routines. You will have an opportunity to tour parts of the city, learn about the various city departments, and ask questions along the way.

The second type provides specific skills enhancement training to the class members. This session is taught by a professional trainer who will provide an interactive and enjoyable learning experience. The training topics should allow the learned skills to be applied to any job type, and perhaps even in your personal life.

4 CAmP Objectives

  • Foster increased communication across departments and divisions by creating a bond among the members of each class
  • Promote a better understanding by employees as to the value of their role within the city and their contribution toward our mission
  • Provide employees an opportunity to learn about all of the departments and divisions within the city’s government services
  • Provide interesting and fun professional development opportunities to employees

Employee Experiences

Here's what CAmP participants are saying about their experiences: 

“I appreciate how each department really tries and succeeds in engaging us and explaining what their roles are and how they are important in the daily running of the City as a whole." 

"We are really privileged to have such generous access to the people who are so pivotal in guiding city government."

"I have a new found respect for all the Public Works staff that go out and do what they do every day."