Public Safety & the Criminal Justice System


The City encourages the State to fully fund county jail expenses and supports measures to ensure that the actual cost of housing inmates is paid to counties. The City of Springfield encourages the State to adequately fund all aspects of the justice system throughout the State, including the Public Defender’s Office and Circuit Court judges.

Seat Belts

According to MoDOT, from 2012 to 2014, 66% of all drivers and passengers killed in traffic crashes were not belted, and that number rises to 74% for teen drivers and their passengers. Since these deaths and injuries are preventable by wearing a seatbelt and many municipalities within the state have already implemented similar requirements, a statewide primary seatbelt law is encouraged that would allow police officers to fully enforce seatbelt use.

Scrap Metal

The City encourages the State to implement a statewide statute to require scrap metal processors to report all purchases of scrap metal, with the exception of aluminum cans. Doing so would build on local efforts to combat the growing problem of metal theft by eliminating scrap metal thieves’ ability to sell stolen metal to processors without having to provide identification.

Ground Emergency Medical Transport

The City of Springfield encourages our local delegation to support legislation authorizing the full cost recovery for Ground Emergency Medical Transport (GEMT). If passed, this legislation would primarily benefit fire departments and ambulance districts that provide transport services. The City of Springfield benefits indirectly by having mutual aid with those agencies.