Citizen Resource Center

City & Citizens Working Together
The Citizen Resource Center enables the city to work directly with citizens to solve issues affecting the entire community, such as:
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Dangerous Buildings
  • Noise Disturbances
  • Signs in the Public Right-of-Way
  • Tall Weeds and or Grass
  • Traffic and Streets Issues
  • Trash Violations
  • Variety of Others
Man Using the Citizen Resource Center
We direct citizen requests, questions and problems to the departments which can best implement change or provide answers. View an informational video on how to contact citizen resource coordinators.

Needed Information From You
The following information is key to efficient resolution of a concern:
  • A short description of the problem
  • Length of time the situation has existed
  • Location or numbered address of the property causing concern
Submitting a Citizen Service Request
  • A citizen submits a request by:
  • Information about the concern is entered into a city-wide database.
  • The appropriate department(s) gathers information through the shared database and works to resolve the problem. At this point, an inspector may go to the location or property to evaluate the situation.
  • If contact information is provided citizens will be contacted when their request is resolved.
Citizens may contact the Citizen Resource Center at any time for an update on the resolution process.