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  1. Kimbrough Avenue to close between Montclair Street and Rockwood Street Jan. 22-25

    Kimbrough Avenue to close between Montclair Street and Rockwood Street Jan. 22-25 for street maintenance repairs. Read on...
  2. Grand Street Bridge to close beginning Jan. 15 for completion of railroad crossing

    The Grand Street Bridge located between Kansas Expressway and Park Avenue will close to traffic for approximately three weeks beginning Tuesday, Jan 15 for the Missouri & Northern Arkansas railway to complete improvements to the railroad crossing. Read on...
  3. S. Jefferson Avenue closure north of Erie Street extended to 8 p.m.

    S. Jefferson Avenue will remain closed just north of Erie Street through 8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8 to complete emergency sewer repairs. Read on...
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Aerial photo of downtown Springfield at night with traffic lights and tracers from vehicle lights.Whether by plane, car, bus, bicycle or their own two feet, Springfieldians are able to move around the city – and the nation – safely and efficiently.

The Springfield-Branson National Airport – an economic engine for the city – offers service to 10 cities around the nation.

The City’s accredited Public Works department operates and maintains 135 traffic control signals, repairs over 37,000 traffic signs, stripes nearly 600 lane-miles of streets and coordinates snow removal on 675 lane-miles of high-priority emergency routes each year.

Downtown Springfield is emerging as a walkable community with urban living close to shopping, work and transit.

Via The Link and Ozark Greenways, Springfieldians now have more options than ever when it comes to getting around town on two wheels rather than four.