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Latest news on code updates

• The City of Springfield is proposing changes to minimum property maintenance requirements. The general intent is to strengthen the adopted content of the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) to the greatest degree possible within legal constraints to significantly enhance our code enforcement efforts and improve our neighborhoods.

City Council will hear the first reading of a bill Jan. 27 that would adopt the 2018 IPMC and issue some local amendments to it. The bill is anticipated to be voted on following a second reading Feb. 10.

Details are available here, including a copy of the bill and explanation sheet. If you have questions or concerns, please call Building Development Services at 417-864-1585.

• The 2018 International Residential Code went into effect Jan. 10, 2020.

• The below codes went into effect Feb. 9.

• The Building Trades, Appeals and Licensing Ordinance went into effect Nov. 19, 2019.

Delay on new permits

To improve efficiency and process of residential application, issuance of new permits will be administratively delayed for a period of 72 hours to allow for review and approval by other City departments.

Construction worker at site hammering nail into frame.

The Department of Building Development Services implements and monitors a variety of city, state, and federal codes, and four trades (electrical, plumbing, gas and mechanical). It also offers essential information for businesses, homeowners, landlords, tenants, contractors, and developers.

Our services include:



  • Apply Online for: Pre-Development review and Commercial Projects, Residential Projects, Trade Permits, Public Improvements, Planning Applications, Driveway Projects, Excavation Projects, Wrecking Permits and more!
  • View Dashboard of your project and permits
  • Receive Project/Permit Status email Notifications
  • Add Applicants/Contractors to your Permits
  • Pay Online
  • Print your own Permits
  • Requests Inspections Online
  • View Inspection Results in Real Time
  • Current ePlans Submittal and Review Process stays the same
  • View ePlans Review Comments in ecity
  • Use Lookup Record to find any permits or projects

Fast Facts About the Department

The Department of Building Development Services:
  • Employs over 30 people
  • Has an annual budget of about $2 million, or 2% of the general fund budget
  • Serves the building and development needs of the community in an expeditious manner
  • Polices public right-of-way along streets and roads removing illegal signs
  • Gives tests and awards certificates to electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, and mechanical craftsmen for a license to operate in Springfield

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