Public Services

Legal Guidance to Volunteer Community
Springfield has many volunteer organizations, including a number of boards and committees serving at the request of Springfield City Council. The City Attorney is available as a resource to members of these boards to answer questions about potential conflicts of interest. City attorneys provide advice about city ordinances and laws to neighborhood organizations such as: 
  • Center for Conflict Resolution
  • Community Public Safety Task Force
  • Community Services Resource Team
  • COP Meetings
  • DWI Task Force
  • Interagency Task Force on Gangs and Youth Violence
  • Springfield Against a Violent Environment (SAVE)
The legal staff has also actively participated in developing the city's long-term plan, Vision 20 / 20.

Presentations & Public Speaking
Members of the City Attorney's staff are available to speak to classes and organizations on a variety of topics. This includes legal training on a more formal basis to officers in training at the Springfield Police Academy. Attorneys speak regularly to:
  • Business owners, by conducting outreach efforts such as seminars on shoplifting enforcement
  • Driver education students including DWI mock trials
  • Neighborhood organizations
  • Students participating in the city's D.A.R.E. Program
    City attorneys are regularly invited to bring the legal profession up-to-date on a variety of municipal issues ranging from DWI enforcement to conflict resolution.