1. Back-To-School Safety Tips

    Check out some safety tips for children that are starting another school year.

  2. Bicycle Safety

    Stay safe next spring with these helpful tips on bicycle safety.

  3. Children Traveling Alone

    View safety information for children when they are traveling on their own.

  4. Crime Prevention Tips for Children

    Look up basic tips that will protect children from a variety of crimes that occur every day.

  5. Discourage Children From Joining a Gang

    Lean the dangers of gangs and keep your child safe from gang activities.

  6. Gun Safety for Children

    Find out more about the dangers of firearms around children and educate your children on proper gun safety.

  7. Halloween Safety

    Obtain information on how to enjoy a safe and spooky Halloween.

  8. Internet Safety for Children

    Protect your children from the dangers of the internet.

  9. Latchkey Children

    Latchkey children is a term that's often used to describe children who must stay at home alone taking care of themselves for some part of the day. Review important items for parents to teach their children before leaving them home alone.

  10. New Neighbor Safety Tips

    View safety tips for protecting your property when moving to a new neighborhood.

  11. Preventing Child Abduction

    Inform your child about the dangers of strangers and educate them on child abduction.

  12. Summer Safety

    Keep your children safe from the dangers that arise every summer.

  13. Violence & Children

    Keep your children safe from the physical and emotional harms of violence.

  14. Walking to School

    Teach your children how to safely walk to and from school.