Selection Process & Preparation

What are the steps in the City's selection process? 

  1. Individual creates or accesses current online applicant profile.
  2. Individual applies online for a current, posted vacancy.
  3. Human Resources and hiring department conduct screening and evaluation of applicant qualifications. The information provided on the application is compared to the required and preferred selection criteria outlined on the job posting and depending on the quality and quantity of applicants. Individuals should make sure application information is accurate and complete. Include details about education, skills and experience relating to the job posting and attach any requested information such as transcripts, licenses or certifications. Individual may upload a resume, but do not type "see resume" in relevant education and experience fields.
  4. Applicants whose qualifications most closely match the requirements of the position move to the next step of the selection process. Various tests are utilized to evaluate applicant's experience, skills, knowledge and abilities. Tests administered may consist of written, practical skills (i.e. typing), physical agility, oral interview, or other formats such as Assessment Centers.
  5. After all tests are completed, the Human Resources Department establishes a list of all eligible candidates and ranks them according to final test scores. The candidates achieving the top three scores are then submitted to the department where the vacancy exists for further consideration.
  6. Potential candidates for employment will also undergo final testing including background checks, pre-employment drug testing, employment history, and reference checks. Certain positions also require completion of a credit check, polygraph exam, post-offer medical exam and/or post-offer psychological exam.
  7. After satisfactory completion of the selection process and approval for hire, candidates will be notified of the time and date to report to work.
  8. All new employees must complete a probationary period, normally lasting six months. 

Is there anything that I can do to prepare for an oral exam / interview? 

  1. Be prepared by finding out as much as you can about the position.
  2. Review the job description. 
  3. Be prepared to talk about your past experience, education, skills and abilities as they relate to the position. Past experiences can include customer service, high public contact, and other related experience applicable to the position you are interested in. Don't forget related educational experiences!
  4.  Be sure to fully explain your skills and abilities even if the interviewer is familiar with your background and resume. Don't assume that an interviewer will just know that you are the best candidate.
  5.  If you do not hear or understand a question, ask the interviewer to repeat it.
  6.  Practice before the interview. Anticipate questions you may be asked and practice answering them out loud prior to the interview.
  7.  Dress appropriately - always be well groomed.
  8.  Be prompt - plan to arrive early for the interview to allow time to find parking, to locate the appropriate office, and to complete any necessary paperwork.
  9.  Remember to maintain good posture and body language.
  10.  Finally, just try to relax.
The City operates under a Merit System, which establishes guidelines to be followed regarding the selection, promotion and discipline of employees.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Disability and Vet

The City of Springfield is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment. Individuals with disabilities should request reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act prior to testing or appointment. Proof of United States Citizenship/Authorization to Work in the United States as established by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 is a condition of employment. Pre-employment drug testing is required.