Special Event Permits


Springfield is a city that welcomes special events. From major conventions and sporting events to community-based festivals, parades and athletic activities, the City of Springfield is proud to host hundreds of events each year.

It is our goal to enhance the vitality, quality of life, and economic prosperity of Springfield through the support of special events in our city.

The City wants to help you plan a safe and enjoyable event. If applicable, please fill out a special event permit application so we can assist you with obtaining the correct permits for your event. You may contact the special events coordinator at 417-864-1105 or [email protected] if you have questions about your application. Before filling out the application, however, it may be helpful to read the following sections of our handy event permitting guide:

Certain events require one or more permits. Once we review your permit application, our special event permit coordinator in the Department of Public Information will contact you within 10 business days with information from City departments on any specific requirements that you need to meet for your specific event.

Please note: some of these requirements could take up to four to six weeks to comply with, depending on the unique characteristics of your specific event.

If any one of the following conditions exist, you must complete a special event permit application:

  1. The event includes outdoor live and/or amplified music.
    • This applies to all zoning districts, except residential.
  2. The event is on private property and includes:
    • Outdoor carnival or circus
    • Amplified sound in the downtown area
    • Fireworks and attendance of 50-plus people
    • Multiple liquor licenses, 50-plus people and charging entry fees
  3. The event is on public property and includes:
    • Outdoor carnival or circus
    • Erection of a tent with sides (larger than 400 square feet)
    • Erection of a tent without sides (larger than 700 square feet)
    • Street festival
    • Amplified sound
    • Parade, race or street closure
    • Selling merchandise, food or drinks
    • Installing a stage, band shell, trailer, van, grandstand, bleachers, or portable building
    • Placement of portable toilets
    • Fireworks and 50-plus people
    • Multiple liquor licenses, 50-plus people and charge entry fees
    • Blocking City-owned property
    • Placement of pedestrian boundary markers blocking the sidewalk
    • Inclusion of electrical or plumbing hookups to CU connections on the Square or Jubilee Park