Vision 20/20-The Future is Now

Hopes for the Future

Springfield-Greene County continues to be a vibrant and progressive community that is action oriented with an eye to the future and an understanding of the past. Much of the success in addressing issues and in fostering positive actions that have benefited the overall community is due to the commitment to community-based planning principles.

The beauty of our region, with its forests, hills, and streams, continues to attract people throughout the country as a place to visit and live; and the quality of life in our community provides residents and visitors with a mixture of culture, education, job opportunities, housing, and friendliness. These traits will continue to attract visitors and residents to the area.
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Our continuing challenge is to maintain, and in some cases improve, the quality of the community we have today. Much has been accomplished through the Vision 20/20 process; but we cannot sit back and reflect on these accomplishments. Rather, we must continue to review our goals and work with the residents of our community to assess where we've been and where we are going.

The Community Vision
The Community Vision set forth in the initial Vision 20/20 process remains true today:

Springfield-Greene County will be a community in which people can learn, work, and play in safety and comfort. We want to be a vibrant community that presents an opportunity for everyone to achieve their full potential. This plan's central purpose is a high quality of life for all the people in the community. Future development of the community will meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The fundamental question is whether our actions improve the quality of life today ...for our children? ...our grandchildren? ...our great grandchildren?

Quality of life continues to be at the heart of the community vision. Some significant steps have been made in the area of parks, open space, and greenways, neighborhood conservation, and downtown revitalization. Additional focus is needed in defining associated visions for affordable housing, center city, cultural development, growth management, public education, regional, transportation, and water quality.

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