Key Elements

Action Plan Summary
The following is a shortened summary of the affordable housing element of Vision 20/20. For a detailed look at this element, please download and read the full Action Plan Summary (PDF).
  1. Affordable Housing

    The affordable housing element is a five-year strategic plan for providing affordable housing in Springfield and Greene County.

  2. Center City

    The Center City element focuses on development of several distinctive, urban districts oriented around high-quality public spaces that are linked to one another and collectively recognized and organized as Center City.

  3. Cultural Planning

    The Springfield Region Cultural Plan is a community-wide blueprint for promoting and developing healthy arts and cultural organizations, a vibrant Center City with rich artistic elements, accessible arts education opportunities, leadership for regional cultural arts development, and an environment to attract, support, and retain artists.

  4. Growth Management & Land Use

    This strategic plan will be utilized by citizens and elected officials to direct Springfield and Greene County in Growth Management and Land Use Planning for the next five years.

  5. Public Education

    Learning about creating and implementing a public awareness plan for Springfield Public Schools.

  6. Regional Planning

    The Springfield-Greene County area has become a metropolitan region where each community in the region has ties with several or many other communities in the region.

  7. Transportation

    The transportation planning group was tasked with reviewing over 200 individual recommendations contained within the Ozark Transportation Organization's 2001 Long-Range Transportation Plan.

  8. Water Quality

    Citizens of Springfield and Greene County depend upon area lakes and bountiful supplies of high quality groundwater for drinking water.