Affordable Housing

The affordable housing element is a five-year strategic plan for providing affordable housing in Springfield and Greene County. The plan will serve as a guide to be utilized by housing developers, public service providers, neighborhood leaders, and elected officials to direct Springfield and Greene County in ensuring an ample supply of quality affordable housing during the five year planning period.

Quality Affordable Housing: A Definition
Quality Affordable Housing is housing that is free of significant structural defects, meets the basic living needs of residents, and is reasonably safe and secure. To be “affordable,” the cost to live in quality housing should be within the financial reach of residents (30 percent of income) at various income levels. Quality affordable housing must be profitable for the builder, developer, landlord, etc., or it will not be built and/or maintained.

How do we ensure an ample supply of quality affordable housing units in Springfield and Greene County over the next ten years?

Strategic Action Plan
Establish a City-County Housing Office
Update the Housing Condition Survey for the City and undertake for the County
Explore National Safe Haven models for transient housing and identify funding sources
Support and expand the existing home repair programs to include a greater variety of repair options
Encourage and support Universal Design to accommodate needs of aging and disabled.
City should enforce health and building codes encouraging rental property owners to recognize problems and take action.
Encourage local businesses to develop Employer Assisted Homeownership Programs
Continue the Landlord Training program