Cultural Planning

Developing Healthy Arts & Cultural Organizations
The Springfield Region Cultural Plan is a community-wide blueprint for promoting and developing healthy arts and cultural organizations, a vibrant Center City with rich artistic elements, accessible arts education opportunities, leadership for regional cultural arts development, and an environment to attract, support, and retain artists. The Cultural Plan Steering Committee has been established to provide comprehensive stewardship of the Cultural Plan during its planning, implementation, and evaluation stages. The Steering Committee receives facilitation from the Springfield Regional Arts Council, an organization dedicated to community betterment through leadership, support, and advocacy on behalf of the arts.

The arts are integral to the quality of life of a community and essential to its cultural and economic development. We envision strong and healthy arts and cultural organizations, a vibrant environment for creativity, new hubs of community, educational, and visitor activity, and opportunities for participation in the arts to enrich the lives of all residents.

Five Year Plan Goals
  1. Continue to foster and build the community of artists and supporters of the arts (i.e. teachers, churches, visual arts organizations, performing arts organizations, and cultural organizations) in the Springfield region to strengthen the region’s presence as an authentic, arts rich community.
  2. Fund and capitalize arts and cultural development.
  3. Stabilize and strengthen strong and healthy arts and cultural organizations, not only through funding, but also through collaboration, leadership, training, and communication.
  4. Provide leadership for regional arts and cultural development, positioning Springfield as the Ozark’s cultural hub.
  5. Increase resident and visitor interest, participation, and support in and for the arts and cultural events throughout the Springfield region.
  6. Demonstrate and increase the awareness of the economic impact of the arts as one of the foundations/building blocks of overall economic and community development.
  7. Contribute to the further creation of a vibrant Center City—as the region’s center—that is enriched by arts and culture.
  8. Strengthen efforts for lifelong education, accessible to all ages and encompassing partnerships in higher education as well as pre-schools, schools, and the general community, with education provided in and through the arts.