Growth Management & Land Use

Directing Growth
The growth management action plan proposes a five-year strategic plan for the actions found in the Growth Management and Land Use Plan, which is one element of the Springfield-Greene County Comprehensive Plan. This strategic plan will be utilized by citizens and elected officials to direct Springfield and Greene County in Growth Management and Land Use Planning for the next five years.

“...maintain efficient and cost-effective growth and to develop in a way that preserves the community’s quality, fosters public / private cooperation, ensures the potential for development in all areas of the community, preserves portions of rural and natural areas, and is sensitive to the environment.” - Goal from the Springfield-Greene County Concept Plan: An Interim Plan Guide

Strategic Action Plan
  • Initiate ordinance change to implement a Unified Development Ordinance for the Urban Service Area. This would make all development regulations in the Urban Service Area and City similar.
  • Reserve a sufficiently wide public right-of-way for any additional arterial road by adopting an “official map” of the planned road system. Right-of-way width beyond what may normally be required through dedication at the time of a land subdivision should be acquired by purchase. The necessary width of the future arterial road right-of-way should be determined based upon the standards included in the Vision 20/20 Transportation Plan.
  • Use parks and linear public open space to improve quality of life, provide recreation and exercise opportunities, protect sensitive environmental resources, guide and enhance development, and give form to the community.
  • The City of Springfield and Greene County should work to establish the future function and design of every foreseeable road in and around Springfield as far in advance as possible. This should be done by adopting and following the Vision 20/20 Transportation Plan, which includes approximate future road alignments, a roadway functional classification plan, and road right-of-way dimensions.