Public Education

Strategic Action Plan
  • Create and implement a public awareness plan for Springfield Public Schools with non-tax dollars that will inform the public of the unique learning opportunities available at Springfield Public Schools as well as create a greater awareness of the quality of education that is currently available for students.
  • Expand the efforts to offer alternative revenue sources like income tax or sales tax to increase funding and stabilize the revenue stream for Springfield Public Schools.
  • Continuation of a Vision 20/20 Education Planning Group that will continue to monitor progress of accepted recommendations and provide valuable feedback on critical issues involving education.
  • Support the creation of a Commission on Children to focus on critical early childhood initiatives and issues.
  • Create school choice options within the public school district by providing programs and schools that offer unique learning environments and opportunities.
  • Continue to place emphasis on academic achievement by reducing or maintaining class sizes at the “desirable” level as recognized in the Missouri School Improvement Plan.