Regional Planning

Addressing Issues
The Springfield-Greene County area has become a metropolitan region where each community in the region has ties with several or many other communities in the region. Better transportations systems, population growth, jobs, education, and health care facilities have served to create interdependence among the various communities in the region.

Over time, organizations have been formed to address particular issues that go beyond city and county boundaries within the region. These organizations address a number of issues including environmental issues, transportation concerns, economic development, and others. Coordination among agencies with overlapping boundaries or scope can provide opportunities for collaboration and avoid duplication.

Strategic Action Plan
  • Develop growth area or urban service area agreements among Springfield, surrounding communities in Greene County, and Nixa, Ozark, and Fremont Hills in Christian County
  • Determine where regional organizations can share and/or consolidate resources or responsibilities.
  • Coordinate transportation issues on a multi-county level.
  • Ensure appropriate labor skill levels throughout the region to meet workforce needs.
  • Encourage Open Space and Greenway planning and trail development on a regional scale that provides linkages throughout the region.
  • Continue to market the region as a tourist destination and incorporate the concept of eco-tourism to take advantage of our natural features, streams, National Forests, and multitude of outdoor activities and challenges.