10 Components of Success
The transportation planning group was tasked with reviewing over 200 individual recommendations contained within the Ozark Transportation Organization's 2001 Long-Range Transportation Plan. Rather then attempt to try and prioritize over 200 recommendations, the group focused their efforts on those that not been completed or were part of an on-going process and were a priority that could be addressed within five years.

The Transportation Plan was broken into 10 components (shown below), each of which hold multiple action plan items. Representative actions are shown below for each of the 10 components.

Streets & Roadways
Design all residential developments to include multiple access and egress points (where practical) and provide several travel routes through the neighborhood. Require all new residential subdivisions to provide public street movement to each cardinal direction unless impractical because of existing development constraints or environmental conditions.

Transit & Paratransit
City Utilities transit should maintain a strong marketing program. This marketing program should include periodic surveys of both transit riders and non-riders to identify attitudes toward the bus system and opportunities for customer-oriented improvements. City Utilities should design services that meet identified needs, and should implement and promote such services. Efforts should be coordinated with the MPO ridesharing program.

Bicycle System
The City of Springfield and Greene County should develop a risk management procedure for the area-wide bicycle system as part of a comprehensive effort to ensure that the bicycle route system is both accessible and safe to use.

Pedestrian System
The sidewalk ordinances for the City of Springfield and Greene County should be revised to require any development containing or abutting an existing or proposed greenway provide a minimum of one greenway connection to provide all residents within a development access to the greenway.

Transportation System & Demand Management
Continue to support and enhance the existing rideshare-matching program. The program is presently located in the Planning Division but could easily be transferred to another department, to City Utilities, or even to a private not-forprofit agency. The minimal level of activity should include continuation of the telephone line and the ability to provide match-lists to the public. Over time the program should be revised to contact major employers about commuter choice programs.

An area of Airport influence should be developed surrounding the Airport in order to ensure appropriate development with regard to land use and to appearance. This will ensure development is compatible with Airport activities.

Locate major activity centers requiring extensive goods and service movements near major highway interchanges and along major arterial streets, so that truck traffic will not impact residential neighborhoods.

Intercity Buses
City Utilities should continue current service to the location of the new intercity bus terminal and should investigate increased service to that location.

Identify street crossings of railroad lines and recommend improvements to maintain safety and accessibility for both train and motor traffic.

Fiscal Plan
The City of Springfield and Greene County should participate in efforts to ensure that an appropriate share of state and federal resources for roadways are allocated to the area.