Past Planning
In 1994, Springfield undertook a community-driven planning process where citizens - working with City and County staff and a nationally recognized consulting firm - identified distinct visions for various issues, then developed actions and policies to implement what became the comprehensive plan.

Since then, the community has supported Vision 20/20 priorities by passing a number of referendums directly related to those goals.

The plan was designed for a 20-year timeframe. Vision 20/20 - The Future is Now re-examined the progress that had been over five years since the inception of the first Vision 20/20 process.

The Future is Now
The 15-month-long, Future is Now effort culminated with a five-year strategic plan that works within the framework of the overall comprehensive plan. Citizen input was received via public meetings, surveys, and other events and added to the discussions of the eight planning groups which focused on the following topics:
  • Affordable Housing
  • Center City
  • Cultural Planning
  • Education
  • Growth and Development
  • Regional Planning
  • Transportation
  • Water Quality
The overall process was guided by a coordinating committee and citizen co-chairs Brian Fogle and Carol Williamson. A Scorecard was created to document Vision 20/20's progress in implementing 100 policies for smart growth.