Myths and Facts about Youth Firesetting

Myth: It is normal for children to play with fire.
It is not normal for children to play with fire. Curiosity about fire is common. Use of fire without a parent's knowledge, approval or supervision is dangerous.

Myth: Firesetting is just a phase.
Fact: Firesetting is not a phase. If a child is not taught fire safety, the firesetting can get out of control easily. It is dangerous behavior. You can't afford to wait to change it.

Myth: If you burn a child's hand, he/she will stop setting fires.
Fact: Purposely burning a child's hand is child abuse and is against the law. Burns only create fear and scars. The reason behind the fire use must be discovered and addressed.

Myth: Some children are obsessed with fire.
Fact: Very few children are obsessed with fire. There is always a reason for firesetting. That reason needs to be discovered and dealt with.

Myth: Bedwetting leads to firesetting.
Fact: This correlation has never been proven. It is based on Freudian Domination theory; prehistoric man showed power by urinating on fires and putting them out.