Fire Safety Resources

Each year, the Springfield Fire Department responds to nearly 1,000 fires.  More than half of those fires are in homes.  While we will always be there to put out a fire, the truth is, fire is everyone's fight.  We hope you will use the resources in this section to reduce the risk of having a fire in your home.  Nearly all fires are preventable.  With your help, we can protect the citizens of Springfield.

To reduce fires in our community, the Springfield Fire Department offers free home safety surveys to Springfield residents. During these surveys, Springfield Firefighters will check homes for common fire hazards many residents are not be aware of and educate families to reduce their risk. These surveys are ideal for young people living on their own for the first time, new parents, seniors and more.

Additionally, the Springfield Fire Department offers a variety fire safety presentations and trainings for groups of all ages. To schedule, fill out this online request form

Fire Safety Tips

Fire prevention is still the best method of fire safety.
  • Plan at least two escape routes from your home or apartment and practice your home escape plan twice a year. 
  • Never smoke in bed or while drowsy or drinking alcohol.
  • Keep anything that might burn away from space heaters.
  • Check all appliance cords for fraying and exposed wires.
  • Sleep with your bedroom door closed.  This helps keep any smoke and flames from reaching you.
  • If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop, cover your face with your hands, and roll until the flames are out.
  • If you don't need it, get rid of it.  Having too much stuff in your home can create a fire hazard and prevent your from escaping.


hotspots  Springfield By the Numbers:

The Fire Problem
Residential Fires Per Year: 500
Average Fire Fatalities Per Year: 3.25
Total Fires Occurring in Homes: 78%
Homes with No Working Smoke Alarm: 52%
Fatality Fires Caused by Human Factors: 96%
Fatality Fires Caused by Careless Smoking: 46%

Fire Death Rates (per million people):
National:  11.1
Missouri: 18.2
Springfield: 20.3