Health Care

Health care coverage is provided at no cost to full-time regular and contract status employees. The City-paid premium is currently $466 per month. Coverage begins the first day of the month following the employment or eligibility date.

Coverage for dependents is $449 per month and paid 100% by the employee. Deductions of $224.50 are made from the first and second checks of each month to pay for the next month’s coverage. Newly enrolled dependents are required to remain in the Plan for a minimum of 6 months.

The City’s Plan is self-insured and has Mercy as its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). The in-network annual deductible is $500 per person/$1000 per family. Preferred provider coverage is 80% after deductible; non-preferred provider coverage is 60% after the $1000 individual out-of-network deductible.  

Employees and covered family members receive an annual preventive care benefit with no cost sharing each calendar year when using in-network providers. Deductible waived for this benefit. 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law mandating that anyone belonging to a group health insurance plan must be allowed to purchase health insurance within an interval of time once the previous coverage is lost. The law protects employees, especially those with long-term health conditions, who may be reluctant to leave jobs because they are afraid of pre-existing condition clauses will limit coverage of any such conditions under a new insurance plan and losing health insurance due to a change in employment status. Read the City's Notice of Privacy Practices According to HIPAA for additional details.

Prescription Drug Plan

Prescription Drug Plan administered by Elixir. Retail pharmacy coverage: $5 co-pay per 30 day fill plus 20% of the remainder of the prescription cost; maximum fill of 90 days. Mail order coverage:  20% of cost limited to a 90-day supply per prescription. Mandatory generic: If plan participant elects brand name over generic, cost is the $5 co-pay (waived for mail order), plus 20%, plus the difference in price between the generic and brand name. Out-of-Network (filing prescription claim with Med-Pay): after deductible is met, plan pays 60% of covered prescriptions.  

Please refer to the Health Plan Summary Health or the Health Plan Document for details of Plan coverage. You may also view the City's Summary of Benefits and Coverage Under the ACA.

Dental Insurance

A voluntary, employee paid dental insurance plan is available through payroll deduction. The coverage is provided through Sun Life Financial and includes two options:  Basic and Enhanced.

Dental Premiums are 100% employee paid. Deductions occur on the second paycheck of the month to pay for the following month’s coverage.  

Number of Insureds  Basic Enhanced
Employee Only $20.08 $41.08
Employee + One $39.23 $77.00
Employee + Family $73.49 $124.29

Term Life Insurance

A voluntary term life insurance program is available through payroll deduction. Premiums are 100% employee paid and are based on age and amount of coverage selected. A maximum  coverage of five times the employee's annual salary, not to exceed $500,000, is available. Any coverage amount exceeding $200,000 requires evidence of insurability. 

Spouse and dependent coverage may also be purchased.

Cancer Coverage

A voluntary plan available through AFLAC. Premiums are 100% employee paid.

Cafeteria Plan IRS Section 125

Voluntary employee participation. This plan allows for the payment of Health, Dental, Life and Cancer Insurance premiums and qualified Dependent Care Expenses & Medical Expenses on a pre-tax basis. Elected contributions are not subject to State or Federal income taxes or FICA tax.