City-Wide Walking Challenge - Benefiting the American Heart Association

Walking Challenge logoIt's time for another City-Wide Walking Challenge! Walk your way to better health AND help the American Heart Association!

The 2017 Challenge Will Run April 5 - May 5

Here's how it works:

  • Gather your co-workers and create a walking team - between 2 and 8 people.
  • There will be 2 divisions: Field and Desk. Decide which division your team belongs - Field is for those that are up and about for most of their job; Desk is for those who spend most of their job at a desk. Have people in each? Choose the division that most of your team members are in. For example if you have an 8 person team, and at least 5 of them work at a desk, then you’d be a Desk Team.
  • Each participant must submit an entry fee donation of $5. Deliver your entry fees of $5 to Audrey Cova in Health – 100% of the proceeds go directly to the the American Heart Association!
  • This year we are also going to be competing against other Springfield businesses and organizations as part of the Move Your Shoes Challenge!
  • To sign up you must choose a team leader. Your team leader will be the ONLY ONE who registers your team. (Please see registration instructions below)
  • We are going to be using the Ozarks Commute website this year to log steps. You will still receive weekly updates with the leader board, but also where the City stands against the other businesses and organizations.
  • Track your steps any way you choose - cell phones, Fitbits, pedometers all apply. inBalance pedometers are available upon request. All steps count - walking, running, weekday, weekend, at work, at home.
  • inBalance is also going to offering Fitbits to 30 participants if they are interested in a 1 month trial. Click here for full details!
  • You will log your steps in miles this year. Follow this link to convert your steps if your fitness tracker does not do so already:
  • ​Directions for tracking your miles here!

Team Leader ONLY: Registration Directions

  1. Fill out this Survey Monkey form:
  2. Once your team leader completes this form, they will receive a unique URL from the inBalance Coordinator that they will send out to their team members.
  3. All team members will get registered by following the link and joining their "team" on Ozarks Commute.


Contact the inBalance Coordinator, or 864-1685.