Leave Time

Continuous Operation Holiday

Eligible employees work in positions that are assigned to 24/7 operations.

Employees hired on or after July 1, 2004 may accumulate a maximum of 2 times the amount of such holiday leave accruable in 12-month period. Holiday leave time earned but not used, which exceeds this amount, shall be forfeited by the employee.

Employees hired prior to July 1, 2004: Payouts at retirement or separation of service for Continuous Operation Holiday are capped according to the schedule below. Please note this does not place a cap on the amount an individual employee can accrue.
Retirements & Separations Continuous Operation Holiday Payout Allowed
Until 12/31/2005 No cap on payout
From 1/1/2006 through 12/31/2007 400 hours maximum payout
From 1/1/2008 through 12/31/2009 200 hours maximum payout
From 1/1/2010 forward *2 times annual accrual maximum payout
*For employees on a 40-hour work week, 8-hour day schedule, this equates to a 160-hour maximum payout.

Exempt Leave

Employees eligible for this benefit are those whose positions are exempt from overtime payment.

40 hours per calendar year will be credited in one lump sum in January and must be used by the end of the last pay period in December of the same calendar year. Exempt leave not taken during the calendar year will be lost. Exempt leave does not accumulate.

New employees in exempt positions will receive a pro-rated number of exempt leave hours for the calendar year in which they start work for the City. The number of hours is determined by the initial employment date and the length of time remaining in the current calendar year.

Floating Holidays

Four days per calendar are awarded; new employees hired after September 30th must wait for the new calendar year to receive this benefit. Floating Holiday time must be used by the end of the last pay period in December of the same calendar year. Floating Holidays not taken during the calendar year will be lost. 

Funeral Leave

Employees may be granted up to 5 working days leave in the event of the death of an eligible relative as listed in the Merit Rules.


The City offers the following 10 scheduled holidays per year:  
New Year's Day Martin Luther King Day President's Day
Memorial Day Juneteenth Independence Day
Labor Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day    

Jury Duty

An employee may be granted leave with pay when required to be absent from work for jury duty.

Military Leave

An employee who is a member of the National Guard or any reserve component of the United States Armed Forces is eligible for a total of 120 hours leave per federal fiscal year without a reduction in pay upon furnishing the City with appropriate orders.

Pin Day

A pin day is a day off with pay based on length of service. These occur only for specific years of service. Pin days are earned on the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc. year anniversaries. A pin day must be used within one year of the time it is earned.

Sick Leave

12 days / 96 hours (3.69 hours per pay period) accrue each year. Maximum accrual of 180 days (1440 hours). Accrued sick days may be used for serious illness, injury, preventive health, or other medical needs for the employee and the employee’s spouse, children or parents.


1 year - 7 years 2 weeks (80 hours)
3.08 hours
8 years - 15 years 3 weeks (120 hours)
4.62 hours
16 years + 4 weeks (160 hours)
6.16 hours
Note:  Per General Ordinance 4527, employees hired after July 10, 1995 may accumulate a maximum of two times the annual vacation rate.  Vacation NOT taken will be forfeited.