Wrecking a Structure

Wrecking a Structure - General Procedure

Before a Wrecking Permit can be issued there are several steps that must be taken by both the applicant and the City.

Both Missouri and federal regulations require a Demolition or Renovation project to have an asbestos inspection of the building prior to the start of work activity.  It’s the responsibility of the facility owner and the person conducting the activity to maintain compliance with all applicable asbestos laws and regulations pertaining to conduct of demolition, renovation and asbestos projects.  Find asbestos information on the Missouri Air Pollution Control Program website http://dnr.mo.gov/env/apcp/asbestos/ and the City of Springfield Department of Environmental Services Air Quality website http://www.springfieldmo.gov/134/City-Air-Permits
Disposal of asbestos contaminated debris is a hazardous waste and it is NOT allowed into the City of Springfield Landfill.

Responsibility of Applicant

1.  Complete Application for Wrecking Permit which includes the following information:

·      The site address

·      Land Disturbance information (If PRJ plans disturb 1 acre or more)

·      The name, phone number and address of the licensed contractor

·      The name, phone number and address of the property owner

·      Type of structure:  Residential, Commercial or Accessory

          2.  Notify City Utilities:

·      The applicant must contact City Utilities at 417-831-8888 to request retirement of the    water, gas and electric services.

          3.  Sewer Cap or Septic Tank Abandonment:

·     The applicant or owner is responsible for obtaining a Plumbing Contractor licensed and certified by the City to cap the sewer at the property line (a PLM permit is required), OR pump and fill the septic tank.

          4.  Asbestos Inspection:

·    The applicant or owner is responsible for obtaining a contractor certified to perform asbestos inspections.  The contractor will then submit a report to the Department of Environmental Services.

          5.  Driveway and Sidewalk:

·     A Driveway Permit and Sidewalk Permit must be obtained from Public Works to restore the sidewalk, curbs, gutter and parkway to line and grade of the adjoining sidewalk, curb, gutter and parkway if applicable.

Responsibility of City

1.  Historical Site:

·     Each structure will be checked for historical significance before issuance of a Wrecking Permit.  

          2.  Asbestos Inspection:

·    Verification of whether asbestos is present or not must be determined.  Upon approval of the asbestos report, the Department of Environmental Services will forward their approval to the Department of Building Development Services.

          3.  City Utilities:

·     City Utilities must notify the Department of Building Development Services when all the utilities have been retired.

          4.  Plumbing Inspection:

·     A plumbing inspector from the Department of Building Development Services must inspect and approve the sewer cap or septic system abandonment prior to the Wrecking Permit being issued.  The plumbing contractor must request an inspection once work is completed.  If septic system abandonment a Pump Ticket must be submitted to the Department of Building Development Services prior to the Wrecking Permit being issued.


Downloadable Application