About Public Works

Collage of Public Works services.Department Fast Facts

  • Annually operates and maintains 135 traffic control signals, repairs over 37,000 traffic signs, and stripes nearly 600 lane miles
  • Coordinates snow removal on 675 lane miles of high-priority emergency routes
  • Employs about 250 people in 7 divisions
  • Has an annual budget of about $50 million, or 19% of the general fund budget
  • Maintains 54 publicly-owned city buildings


Public Works and Environmental Services first achieved accreditation from the American Public Works Association (APWA) in June 2013. The APWA accreditation program recognizes governmental agencies that go beyond the requirements of the management practices established nationally in the public works industry.

Both departments achieved reaccreditation in 2017 with 100% compliance. APWA Region VI Director Chuck Williams presented the reaccreditation to the departments in October, noting that two practices in Springfield, the departments' emergency management program and traffic operations, were identified as model practices.

"That's unusual," Williams reported. "Our evaluators hold that up to very high standards. Public Works and Environmental Services should be commended for achieving model practices and for their dedication to excellence and professionalism."
The APWA accreditation indicates that Public Works and Environmental Services staff are dedicated to concepts of continuous improvement and in-depth self-assessment of department policies, procedures, and practices. Only 1% of communities across the country have attained this distinction. Springfield is one of 9 agencies in the state of Missouri that is currently accredited.