ADA Information & Compliance

The City of Springfield is committed to abiding by all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In accordance with requirements of the ADA, as amended in 1990, the city will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in city employment, services, programs or activities. The city recognizes that it is in the interest of all its citizens and visitors, and of all its businesses and organizations, that people with disabilities have access to the city's facilities, including its sidewalks, curb ramps and parking facilities, in accordance with applicable law. These are not only rights under applicable law, but are opportunities which provide economic, social and civic benefit.

The city welcomes and requests input from persons with disabilities regarding accessibility. Please contact the City's Citizen Resource Center for comments and service requests.

Citizen Resource Center
Submit Online Service Request
Call 417-864-1010 to submit a Service Request via telephone.


ADA Coordinator's Role

Title II of the ADA requires all state or local government entities with 50 or more employees to appoint a responsible person to coordinate the administrative requirements of ADA compliance and to respond to complaints filed by the public. The name and contact information for the responsible person is required to be publicly advertised.

Five major administrative duties are stipulated:

  1. Publicize the name and contact information of the designated ADA Coordinator responsible to oversee compliance
  2. Administer and write self-evaluation of the programmatic barriers in services offered by the local government
  3. Establish a complaint / grievance procedure to respond to complaints of noncompliance from the public
  4. Develop a transition plan if structural changes are necessary for achieving program accessibility
  5. Retain the self-evaluation for 3 years