Public Works Improvement Application

The form below will allow you to complete a Public Works improvement application.

After completion of this form:

Within one business day, you will receive an email notification with the number assigned to this project.

An invitation email will be sent to you asking you to upload drawings into the City of Springfield's ePlans review system via ProjectDox. Drawings must be submitted according to the
e-plans User Guide for Public Works and Environmental Service Projects (PDF). The applicant must still submit plans to utility companies separately for their independent review. Use the following Public Works Title Block.

After the review process is complete, you will be sent an email with instructions to pay the fee online or in person. The payment link can be sent to another email address to complete the payment. If you do not receive an email notification with the number assigned to this project within two business days or have questions regarding payments or drawing submittals, please
email us or call 417-864-1901.
Reasons for Public Improvements
  • Capital improvements.
  • Subdivisions, lot splits.
  • Relocations for buildings, utility conflicts, infrastructure improvements, etc.
  • New building construction, building improvements.
  • Connecting existing buildings to infrastructure.

Types of Public Improvements
  • Streets, sidewalks, signals, intersections, streetscapes, paving.
  • Storm sewer, detention.
  • Sanitary sewer, trunklines, extensions.
  • Erosion control (typically temporary measures until public improvements are in place.