Fire Safety Resources for Teachers

Firefighters educating boy

The Springfield Fire Department is dedicated to providing fire safety education for all students, in an effort to make our entire community safer.  Each October, Springfield Fire Crews visit nearly 50 preschool and elementary schools to educate children on how to prevent fires and how to respond if a fire does occur. 

A summary of lesson's provided at each grade level are below.
Stay Away from Dangerous Things 
Get Low and Go
Firefighters are Our Friends
Get Low and Go/Family Meeting Spot
Home Hazards
Exit Drills in the Home
PreK/Kindergarten/1st Concepts Review
Exit Drills in the Home
Dialing 911
Home Escape Plans
Installing and Maintaining Smoke Alarms
Fire Triangle
3rd/4th Concepts Review

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation during October or any other time of year, please contact us.