Fire Safety Lessons for Second Grade

Have and Practice a Home Escape Plan

By the end of the lesson, students will know how to escape a smoke-filled room.
Time needed: 20 minutes
Supplies needed:  EDITH Kit (if unavailable, use the window and door in the room provided), smoke alarm, covering for eyes

  1. Explain to children best way to get out of a smoke-filled room (crawl low under smoke, feel door with back of hand before opening it, take 2nd way out if door is hot).
  2. Set off smoke alarm and have each child practice rolling out of bed, feeling door and escaping out of window. Children may use darkened goggles for additional challenge.
  3. If no EDITH kit is available, they may practice in the room you are in. Have them put on eye covering and then sit or lay on the floor in the middle of the room. Once smoke alarm sounds, have them crawl to the door and feel it with the back of their hand, then crawl to window.

Review of Preschool-1st Grade Concepts

Time required:
15 minutes
Supplies needed: Red and Green cards (1 of each per student)

Instructions:  Give each child a red (false) and green (true) card.  Instruct them to hold up the red card if the answer is false and green card if it's true.

True or False:
  1. Smoke Rises. TRUE. Smoke goes up, which means you want to get low to breathe the good air. That’s why you want to get low and crawl to the nearest exit if the room is filled with smoke.
  2. If your clothes catch on fire, you should stop, drop to the floor, cover your face with your hands and roll back and forth until the flames are out. TRUE. You never want to run because that will make the fire spread. Covering your face helps protect your hands, mouth and eyes from dangerous smoke and fire.
  3. If you are trying to get out of your house and your front door is blocked by fire, you should go and hide in a bathroom. FALSE. In case first way out is blocked, you should know a 2nd way out of your house and every room in your house.
  4. If your smoke alarm sounds, you should go tell your mom or dad. FALSE. If you hear your smoke alarm, you should immediately get out of your house and go to your family meeting place.
  5. If your house is on fire, before you leave you should pack up some of your favorite toys bring out of the house with you. FALSE. You will not have time to pack up anything and bring it with you. You are the most important thing and you need to get out of the house right away.
  6. If your room is full of smoke you should stop, drop and roll. FALSE. If your room is full of smoke, you should get on the ground and crawl to your nearest exit.
  7. If your bedroom is on the 2nd floor and you can’t get downstairs, you should open your window and yell for help. TRUE. If you can’t get out, open your window and yell. It’s even okay to throw pillows and blankets at firefighters to get their attention! But never hide.
  8.  If you get to your family meeting spot and your family is not there, you should go and find them. FALSE. Stay where you are! If your family comes to the meeting spot and you aren’t there, they might think you are still in the house. This would make them very scared!