Acquiring a Permit

Permits must be obtained in the Traffic Operations office. When you request your permit, please have with you all the required information as stated with each permit description. Direct any questions to the Traffic Operation office.

Application for a permit to construct, reconstruct, alter, remove or replace any driveway approach, or a curb, guttering or sidewalk in connection with such driveway approach work, shall include a plot plan, per Section 98-114 of Springfield City Code.

Permit Requirements

  • Fee
    • Commercial: $120
    • Residential: Improved - $98, Unimproved (no curb & gutter) - $112
  • Site Address
  • Name of contractor, address, and telephone
  • Project Description
  • Name of street driveway is on
  • Name of nearest cross street (a copy of the subdivision plan is preferred)
  • Direction of nearest cross street from driveway
  • Width of driveway at right-of-way line and at curb cut. Minimum required:
    • Commercial: 26 feet
    • Residential: 12 feet
  • Driveway Plot Plan including the following items:
    • Distance from driveway to lot line and / or street right-of-way (nearest edge of driveway at right-of-way line to property line shall be a minimum of 5 feet, on corner lots the nearest edge of driveway to nearest right-of-way of an intersecting street is 20 feet).
    • Width of each side of property line of a joint driveway approach, if required.
    • Footprint of structure, showing location of garage, carport, or other required parking
    • Distance of garage door from right-of-way (20 foot minimum required)
    • Width and depth of property
    • Distance between house or building and property line
    • Setback distance from street right-of-way to building