Right-of-Way Excavation Permits

No person shall make an excavation within the right-of-way limits without first obtaining a permit.

Acquiring a Permit

Anyone needing an excavation permit must apply through the Traffic Operations office located in the Busch Building on the first floor. Any questions regarding an excavation permit should be directed to 417-864-1980.

Permit Application Requirements

• A $23 permit application fee will be charged when applicant acquires permit

• A $146 inspection fee will be charged when applicant acquires permit

• Company applying for permit must have a certificate of insurance naming the City of Springfield as an additional insured with liability limits not less than the sovereign immunity limits for Missouri public entities (Sovereign immunity limit is published annually in the Missouri Register pursuant to Section 537.610 RSMo)

• Company applying for permit must have an excavation bond in the amount of $10,000 on file with the City

• Company applying for permit must have a City of Springfield business license

• Traffic control plans must be submitted with application (if applicable)

• Plans or drawing of work to be performed must be submitted with application

• A new permit is required for each block where work will occur

Need to Know Permit Information

• Contractor shall call 417-942-9255 two (2) business days before any work in right-of-way begins

Bill for the cost of final repairs will be sent to the contractor after the City has inspected the work

• Contractor is responsible for the work until the City inspects and accepts the work performed

• All work must meet specifications in the latest edition of the Standard General Conditions and Technical Specifications for Public Works (See link below)

• Backfill of all excavations must consist of bedding material that is to be placed in six (6) inch layers and thoroughly tamped.

• A Stop Work Order may be issued for safety issues associated with the project and/or non-compliance with the conditions of this permit or City Code

• Permit will expire if work has not started within thirty (30) days of the permit's issued date

• Permit is valid for sixty (60) days