Stormwater Engineering

Division Cooperation
The Stormwater Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works and the Stormwater Quality Division of the Department of Environmental Services work together to provide programs, projects, and services to meet the stormwater management needs of the community and protect the quality of our streams, rivers, and lakes.

Helpful Information
What's New & Events
 The City of Springfield has been awarded a $765,000 grant by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) for the South Creek Restoration Project.  To get more information about the project and to follow our progress, visit the South Creek Restoration Project page. 
Big Urbie is a Section 319 grant focusing on projects that improve water quality. Check out Big Urbie to see what's happening. Browse through Ozarks Environment for events.

Looking for an opportunity to spend some time outside while making a difference in your community? Check out our Adopt-A-Stream program! To adopt and care for a stream contact Carrie Lamb at 417-864-1996. Listed below are the streams in need.

The Adopt-A-Stream program recognizes the commitment of citizens to keep our City’s streams free from litter and debris. Individuals, community groups, business owners, schools, churches and service clubs are invited to participate.

A stream available for adoption may be a major stream, or a tributary or drainageway that is dry at times but in need of periodic cleanup. Groups may have a stream segment in mind or may choose from an adoption list. Written permission must be obtained from property owners for stream segments not owned by the City.

How to adopt
Call (417) 864-1996 to request information. Once your application forms have been received and approved, you will be notified that you may begin cleanups.

How to conduct a cleanup
Trash bags can be picked up from the Storm Water Services Division, Busch Building 2nd floor, 840 Boonville Avenue. Leave filled trash bags on the closest street right-of-way for pick up by the City. Record the number of bags for reporting to the City. When a cleanup has been completed, call (417) 864-1996 to report the number of bags and arrange for pick up.

Auxiliary cleanups
Some stream sections are in need of frequent cleanup. Individuals or groups wanting to do a cleanup of a stream section currently adopted may call (417) 864-1996. 

What are volunteers’ responsibilities?

  • Adopt a minimum of 0.5 mile of stream. Exceptions may be made in cases where safety or accessibility issues necessitate a shorter length and as long as the segment is in need of adoption.
  • Conduct cleanup (litter removal) of the adopted stream segment at least 3 times per year.
  • Keep the City informed of your cleanups. Organizations are required to participate for at least one full year. Adoption is renewable annually given that program requirements are met.

What does the City provide?

  • Trash bags.
  • Pick up and disposal of the filled bags.
  • Adopt-A-Stream signs at the adopted stream segment, recognizing the volunteers’ efforts. 
  • Online recognition of volunteers.

Streams in Need of Adoption: Call 417-864-1996