Land Disturbance Permit

The city follows state and federal mandates in regulating construction sites to ensure all sediment remains onsite. The Stormwater Engineering Division is currently implementing a comprehensive land disturbance permit program, including the revision of erosion and sediment control Best Management Practices (BMP) standards and requirements.

Land Disturbance

Generally, a land disturbance permit is required for all sites disturbing 1 acre or more, or sites that disturb less than 1 acre when part of a larger common plan of development or sale that will disturb a cumulative total of 1 or more acres over the life of the project. However, all land disturbers are required to comply with the City Code Chapter 96-Stormwater regardless of the size of the land disturbance. The owner is ultimately responsible for the compliance of their site.

Land Disturbance Permit Fees

Acres Disturbed Fee
 <1 $177 
1-5 $533
5-20 $641
Over 20 $791

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Land Disturbance Permit Applications

How to Terminate a Land Disturbance Permit