Land Disturbance Permit

The city follows state and federal mandates in regulating construction sites to ensure all sediment remains onsite. The Stormwater Engineering Division is currently implementing a comprehensive land disturbance permit program, including the revision of erosion and sediment control Best Management Practices (BMP) standards and requirements.

When is a Land Disturbance Permit Required?

Generally, a land disturbance permit is required for all sites disturbing 1 acre or more, or sites that disturb less than 1 acre when part of a larger common plan of development or sale that will disturb a cumulative total of 1 or more acres over the life of the project. However, all land disturbers are required to comply with the City Code Chapter 96-Stormwater regardless of the size of the land disturbance. The owner is ultimately responsible for the compliance of their site.

Land Disturbance Permit Fees

Acres Disturbed Fee
 <1 Acre $191 
1-5 Acres $491
5-20 Acres $598
Over 20 Acres $676

Important Documents

How to:

Apply for a Land Disturbance Permit

Follow this LDP Issuance Checklist and upload your plans using ProjectDox

Terminate a Land Disturbance Permit

The following activities must be completed:
LDP Termination
  • EITHER the project site is stabilized with perennial vegetation, pavement, buildings or structures using permanent materials over all areas that have been disturbed. With respect to the areas that have been vegetated, vegetation coverage is at least 70% plant density over 100% of the site.
  • OR The Permittee sold the permitted site to an entity who has obtained a new land disturbance permit. The SWPPP has been amended to show the area is no longer under the original permit’s jurisdiction. 

    Once the prior activity is complete, email Sarah Davis at and include your LDP Number, Project Name, and Property Location.

To learn more about termination, view this brochure on How To Terminate Your Land Disturbance Permit

Renew a Land Disturbance Permit

Fill out the following application and send to Sarah Davis at         
Land Disturbance Permit Renewal Application (PDF)

Release Securities

If a cash escrow was paid, fill out the following application and send to Sarah Davis at A current W-9 form is needed to process the release of securities.
Release of Securities Application (PDF)