Projects & Studies

  1. Capital Improvement Projects

    Learn about the stormwater capital improvement programs and stormwater quality studies.

  2. Map of Capital Improvements Projects

  3. Close Park Lake

    Learn about the the improvement project updates, facts, and view photos.

  4. Dickerson Park Zoo

    Read through project updates, facts, and helpful resources regarding Dickerson Park Zoo water quality improvements.

  5. Doling Park Lake

    Browse through the project updates, facts, and photos of the Doling Park Lake and waterway improvements.

  6. Edgewood & Kings

    Discover the project updates, facts, and photos of the 1st phase of the Edgewood and Kings stormwater improvements.

  7. Fassnight Park

    Learn about the project updates and facts about Fassnight Park waterway improvements.

  8. Floodplain Acquisition

    Find out how the Floodplain Acquisition Program was formed and its partner organizations.

  9. Floodplain Management

    View information about the City of Springfield's participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

  10. Jordan Creek

    This project includes a number of innovative features in a new approach to stormwater management often referred to as "daylighting."

  11. Sequiota Park

    This project will provide a much needed facelift to the natural water environment of Sequiota Park by improving safety, water quality and aesthetics while focusing on sustainability and environmental protection of this historic park.

  12. Ward Branch

    Learn about the Ward Branch Channel Stabilization and Trail Development project.

  13. South Creek Restoration

    Information about the South Creek Restoration project.