Doling Park Lake

Project Updates
  • Ground Breaking - June 13th
  • News Release
  • Spring 2012-construction was completed. The lake has been restored with removal of accumulated sediment and new rock walls. A series of rain gardens and a wetland have been constructed on the south and east sides to catch and filter runoff from the park to protect water quality in the lake. The drainageway on the west side of the park has been reconstructed to address erosion.
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Project Facts
  • Assistance Provided By
    • Missouri Department of Conservation
    • Tree City USA Citizens Advisory Committee
  • City Project Engineer
    • Errin Kemper
      Ph: 417-864-1876
  • Contractor
    • Carson-Mitchell, Inc.
  • Completion
    • Spring 2012
  • Cost
    • $1,300,000
  • Design Engineer
    • Olsson Associates
  • Design Features
    • Clean and enhance Doling Lake, replace the lake spillway and repair eroded banks and waterway to improve water quality and aesthetics
    • Enhance pedestrian access with walkways and trails around the lake and to the park's Giboney Cave
    • Protect lake water quality with a constructed wetland and rain garden
    • Provide public education and interaction
  • Funding Sources
    • 2006 County-wide Parks Sales Tax Lakes, Streams, and Waterways
    • Funded in part by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act
  • Location
    • Doling Park
  • Objectives
    • This project provides much needed improvements to the natural environment of Doling Park by improving safety, water quality and aesthetics while focusing on sustainability and environmental protection of this historic park.
  • Other Important Notes
    • Natural and native materials will be used
    • Tree preservation and protection of the historic park will remain a priority
    • The park and adjacent Merrell Cooper trail will remain open to the public at all times
  • Partners
    • Public Works Stormwater Engineering
    • Springfield-Greene County Parks Department (internal link)