Division Details

Stormwater Engineering

Division History

In October, 2001, city council amended the city code by enacting Chapter 96 Stormwater which consolidated all the existing stormwater regulations into 1 chapter and enacted a new article dealing with discharges of pollutants into the municipal stormwater drainage system. Stormwater Engineering, previously part of the Engineering Division, was elevated to division status in 2002.

Mission Statement

The Stormwater Engineering Division is committed to the advancement and continuous improvement of the quality of life for the citizens of Springfield by being a leader in the development of stormwater solutions to meet the needs of the community and by placing the welfare and safety of the public above all other considerations.This will be achieved through:
  • Quality Customer Service

    • By being prompt and courteous in responding to all service requests with a professional approach and a meaningful and helpful resolution.
  • Effective Communication

    • By taking the initiative to communicate openly with the public and to effectively communicate with neighborhoods on important local issues.
  • Cooperation with Partners

    • By developing partnerships with other organizations, groups and individuals with similar objectives and cooperating with those partners to increase the program effectiveness.
  • Education and Advancement

    • By being a recognized leader in public education by increasing community understanding of stormwater priorities and goals.
  • Leadership and Excellence

    • By taking a leadership role in developing a model program through the utilization of advanced innovations and a commitment to excellence.

Water Quality Division
History and Mission Statement

In 2012, Water Quality became a separate division as part of the newly formed Department of Environmental Services. The Water Quality Division is responsible for compliance with the City's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. The Mission of the Water Quality Division is to serve the community and ensure compliance to protect and improve area streams, rivers, and lakes. This is achieved through a stormwater management program and projects that focus on pollution prevention, sustainable solutions, increased community awareness, and watershed health.