Current Projects

Storm Drain Reveal
The city and James River Basin Partnership are engaging local artists to paint storm drain murals to educate the public about stormwater. View the Storm Drain Reveal Brochure (PDF).

Fish Drawn from Chalk
Valley Water Mill Signage
Watershed Committee of the Ozarks (WCO) has created a series of signage for the various learning stations and stormwater best management practice (BMP) demos at Valley Water Mill. Each sign can be viewed on WCO's website. And be sure and make it out to Valley Water Mill to check out the progress!
Valley Water Mill Signage
"What Goes Down Does Come Around"
This education campaign focuses on 4 key messages:
  • Fertilize Responsibly
  • Recycle Household Chemicals
  • Recycle Used Motor Oil
  • Report Storm Drain Pollution

Small Education Campaign Bus

Adopt-A-Stream Program

Help keep our streams clean!  To adopt a stream, call 864-1996.
Adopt A Stream Logo
Storm Drain Marking
Help educate the public by applying storm drain markers with the message "Keep It Clean, Drains to Waterways." To sign up, call James River Basin Partnership at 417-836-8878.

Also check out the city's new storm drain manhole cover which is now used on all new storm drains throughout the city. Read about the Storm Drain Manhole Cover Design Contest (PDF).
Boy Scouts Storm Drain Marking
Stream Signs
Stream signs have been installed at 27 locations on Galloway, Jordan, Wilsons, Fassnight and South Creeks and Ward Branch.

"We want to encourage the public to recognize that our urban streams are a valuable water resource providing natural habitat and recreational opportunities for our community to enjoy."
- Todd Wagner, Principal Stormwater Engineer

Jordan Creek Sign
Show-Me Yards & Neighborhoods Program
The Show Me Yards and Neighborhood Program (SMYN) provides environmentally responsible yardcare information and recognizes individuals and professionals who utilize these practices.

Educational Materials
To request free quantities of the following materials please call 417-864-1996. Printed materials on other water quality and environmental topics including environmentally-friendly yardcare, recycling, composting, and others are also available free.
Show Me Yards and Neighborhoods Program Sign
Helpful Materials
Additional Resources
Local Organizations & Programs
Organizations and programs provide education on water quality and environmental issues in the region. Programs and organizations include the following: