Watershed Definition

The area of land that drains to a waterway such as a river or lake is its watershed. Each watershed is part of a bigger watershed. The Springfield area is made up of many small watersheds.

These small watersheds drain into one of 2 larger watersheds, the James River or the Sac River. Some portions of the Springfield area are not part of a smaller watershed, but drain directly into the James River or the Sac River. These 2 watersheds are each part of different, larger watersheds that eventually drain to the Gulf of Mexico.

Storm water pollution prevention not only makes a difference locally, but downstream as well. Find out where runoff from your home ends up by figuring out your watershed address.

Watershed Address

Where does your runoff go (PDF)?  For printed copies of the brochure that includes this watershed address map, contact Carrie Lamb via email or by phone at 417-864-1996. For a more detailed map, visit our interactive stormwater map.