At Your Business

Prevent Business Pollution

General Tips

  • Plant a rain garden.
  • Routinely pick up litter and debris in and around parking lots and buildings.
  • Store chemicals and other materials inside.
  • Have spill cleanup materials handy near the dumpster and loading dock areas.
  • Do not place leaking containers or garbage bags into the dumpster.
  • Keep dumpster lids closed to keep out rainwater and prevent trash from spilling out.
  • Don't hose out dumpsters. Ask the service provider to switch out the dumpster for cleaning and to replace or repair leaky dumpsters.
  • Keep dumpsters locked to prevent illegal dumping.
  • Clean floor mats, filters, and garbage cans in a mop sink or floor drain, not outside.
  • Dispose of wash waters into a mop sink or floor drain, not outside.
  • Learn more about proper wash water disposal by reading our informational brochure.

Auto Body Repair & Detail Shops

  • When receiving vehicles for repair, inspect for leaks and use drip pans if needed.
  • Conduct all body repair and painting work indoors. If working on vehicles outdoors, have spill prevention and containment measures in place.
    • Have spill cleanup materials readily available and clean up any spills or leaks that occur immediately. Any rinse waters generated in the shop should go to a sanitary sewer drain.
  • Sanding dust and / or residue from other chemicals and processes used during auto body repair and detailing often remain on the vehicle after the body work is completed. Use dry cleanup methods such as vacuuming to remove all visible dust. 
  • Vehicle washing should be done at a commercial car wash or inside the shop with a floor drain connected to the sanitary sewer. If washing vehicles outside, follow the wash water disposal requirements.

Permitting Requirements

Industries required to obtain a stormwater permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.