Business License Applications

There are a number of ways you can apply for a City of Springfield business license.  The application may vary depending on the manner in which you operate.  To assist you in choosing which application you should complete, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Will I work out of a commercial location inside Springfield city limits?
  • Will I use my home address as my business address?
  • Do I offer services or solicit inside Springfield city limits, but my base of operations is outside Springfield?
  • Is my only method of operation participating in groups sales events, craft fairs, or farmers markets?
  • Is my only business activity limited to a booth I rent at a local flea market?
  • Is this for a current Renewal of a Business License? (do not proceed - contact the License Division)

Submitting an application(For NEW Businesses only)

If you are ready to submit your application, you may choose to complete and submit your application online by choosing one of the following options:

If you prefer to mail or deliver an application to the License Division, choose the appropriate application above and, rather than choosing the "Upload" option, print the application.  
Contact the License Division
If you would like to apply, in person, for a business license, or if you wish to speak with a member of the License Division, please call , or visit, our office.

                                                            Contact Information:
                                                            License Division
                                                            840 N. Boonville Avenue
                                                            PO Box 8368
                                                            Springfield, MO 65801
                                                            Phone:  417-864-1617
                                                            Fax:  417-864-2042
                                                            Email:  [email protected]