Operations Division

Firefighter putting out fire during training
The Operations Division is the largest division within the Springfield Fire Department. The Division consists of an Assistant Chief, six Battalion Chiefs, 36 Fire Captains, 9 Truck Company Captains, 45 Equipment Operators, 18 Rescue & Salvage Specialist, 88 Firefighters, one Heavy Rescue Technician, and one Administrative Assistant.  These dedicated personnel help staff our 12 fire stations.
Operations is responsible for emergency medical services, fire suppression, mitigating the consequences from disasters, and rescue activities. In addition to emergency work, Operations Division members provide a wide range of services to the community, including tours of fire stations and apparatus, fire safety presentations within the community and business inspections.  Members of the Operation Division also serve on our special operations teams, including water rescue, hazardous materials, and technical rescue.
Operations Division personnel work 24-hour shifts. Each crew is supervised by a Battalion Chief who is responsible for the emergency and administrative activities of all members assigned to that Battalion. The Assistant Chief of Operations supervises the 6 Battalion Chiefs and oversees all activities within the Operations Division.