City Surplus

Surplus Auctions
The City of Springfield, MO Division of Purchases typically holds quarterly auctions for City Surplus items.  These items may include heavy equipment, mowers fleet and Police vehicles.
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City Surplus Property for Sale - Sale of Real Property
The City of Springfield, MO Division of Purchases solicits sealed bids for the sale of various parcels of City owned property each year in February and August.  It is desired by the City to award and sell each property on an individual basis to qualified individuals or firms with the most favorable bid for each property. This determination shall be made in accordance with Resolution 9711. The City reserves the right to award multiple properties to a bidder if determined in the best interest of the City.

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City of Springfield Interactive Map of Surplus Property for Sale
View a current list of surplus properties the City has for sale, please visit: City Surplus Property for Sale - Map
Map includes Property Address, Current Zoning, and Asking Price.
Any citizen interested can , Buyer at City of Springfield, MO Division of Purchases, or call 417-864-1621 for more information.