Salary Schedules

The City currently has 11 different pay schedules that include non-union and union positions that are a part of four employee groups: Crafts, Trades & Labor (CTL); Fire Protection (FPS); Law Enforcement (LES) and Professional, Administrative & Technical (PAT).  

Locating A Salary Range for A Job Title/Description

Each job title/description is assigned a salary grade on a specific salary schedule.  See Job Classifications & Descriptions for a complete listing of job titles/descriptions.  On each job description, the salary grade is located on the upper right hand corner under the section entitled “Schedule & Grade” (abbreviated as Sch & Grade).

When you have located the salary grade, access the corresponding pay schedule listed below and locate the appropriate salary grade to view the complete salary range.  Salary information for each salary grade and step is displayed in three categories:  hourly amount, biweekly amount and the annual amount as depicted below.

Salary Schedule